Customs Clearance

Quick, effective and personalised clearance

We ensure that your goods are cleared as quickly as possible.

• Release of goods at all Australian ports of entry
• Release of goods stored in Customs
• In-Bond Cargo Movement

Our qualified staff will see to it that all of our clients' expectations, as well as the government's many requirements, are met.

• Knowledge of the documentary requirements specific to certain government agencies and departments (Customs, AQIS, IFIP, EPA, ATO, etc.) and products subject to special import measures (Anti-dumping/Countervailing Case Restrictions)
• Verification and presentation of import documents
• Temporary imports

We communicate electronically with the Customs Network through ICS (Intergraded Cargo System). This computer network transmits pertinent information on your goods to Customs and AQIS, for entry and compliance purposes. To ensure the accuracy and uniformity of your Customs entries, we have developed computerised profiles for our clients. This way, we are assured that your entry information is consistently applied.

• Determination of tariff classification, of the applicable rates and of your goods' value for duty
• Preparation and presentation of entry paperwork